A short trip to England

Three weeks ago, our youngest daughter began to work in a secondary school in England as a French assistant. A few days ago we brought her a lot of things, a cat and… her boyfriend!

A good surprise: the town where she is living (Shrewsbury in the Shropshire) is a very beautiful touristic town. It’s an important city in the history of England and is the town where Charles Darwin is born.

Here are some pictures…

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Azadeh H
Active Learner
7 years ago

Is the correct answer “They took her a lot of things”?
I always mix up “give” and “get” , “bring” and “take”.
And I think Charles Darwin was born in that city.

Reza K
Active Learner
7 years ago

Well, you can bring someone a lot of stuff if you bring them with you I suppose. The question is that did you bring the stuff with you or did you send/mail/freight/ship them? Am I right Pejman?

Blandine L
Active Learner
7 years ago

One other mistake is to use the word “thing” for a person.

They took a cat and her boyfriend. (Not very flattering to take the both!)

Charles Darwin was born.

Reply to  Blandine L
7 years ago

I agree. Not flattering at all! It feels as if the boyfriend and the cat have the same value in the writer’s eyes, which should not be the case. The cat, as we all know, is much more important… ;-)

Blandine L
Reply to 
7 years ago

Of course…NOT!

Reply to  Jean-Marc L
7 years ago

I think you should ask her… even though, judging by your clue, we already have a good idea what her answer will be… :-(

Would love to hear your thoughts...x