About Theresa May, the new British prime minister

may-merkelToday Prime Minster May meets President Hollande. Their first meeting at this level and among the opening moves of the Brexit.

Yesterday Mrs May met with President Merkel and the appearance suggested a good rapport and that, as we say, ‘they could do business’. We will watch the body language today (it says more than the words) to see how President Hollande sees things.

It’s all very interesting (to me)…

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Blandine L
Active Learner
7 years ago

I agree with you that Hollande hasn’t the slightest touch of sparkle. I used to think that Mitterand was a smooth talker.

And unfortunately you are right about another thing too. We have also, in France, a good proportion of people who have never worked and have no intention of doing so.

I don’t know what is the problem with people nowadays about work. Or to be more exact, I don’t know when this problem has begun and it’s origins.

Would love to hear your thoughts...x