Japanese women’s despair, space wine, Indian farmers’ protests, and morning shower

Here are some interesting reads (and videos to watch) from around the world:

‘I can’t go on’: women in Japan suffer isolation and despair amid Covid job losses

The coronavirus had barely begun its surge across the globe when Ayako Sato was told that the nursery where she worked would temporarily close as part of Japan’s efforts to control the outbreak. The mother of two teenage daughters expected a few weeks of belt tightening, believing it wouldn’t be long before she was working again…

More on the Guardian.

Wine Experts Taste Space Wine

It tastes like flowers. It smells like a campfire. What is it? It is a $6,000 bottle of Petrus Pomerol wine that spent a year on the International Space Station. Researchers in Bordeaux are examining the twelve bottles of wine as well as 320 pieces of grapevines that returned to Earth in January…

In simple English with audio.

No end in sight for India’s protesting farmers

Three new laws that will significantly change how Indian farmers organise themselves and do business have caused one of India’s biggest protests. Several rounds of talks between the government and farmers have failed to break the deadlock. Since November, tens of thousands of protesting farmers have been camping out on highways on the outskirts of Delhi…

Watch on the BBC.

A breakdown of my morning shower

Shampoo 60 seconds, soap 90 seconds, and…

Click here to find out more.

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