The one-minute time machine

What if, at the push of a button, you could travel back in time just one minute? That is the premise of this short film. In the opening scene we see a woman sitting on a bench in a park with her eyes closed, relaxing. A man approaches her…

A British story translated for Americans

There are a variety of differences between British and American English: spelling, vocabulary and more… Here is a funny by a cartoonist. It has a simple : a story which was originally told in British, is now retold in American, with a result, which could result in laughter. But we first need to understand what … Continue Reading

What’s the difference between Covid vaccines?

The three Covid-19 vaccines that have been approved in the UK are from Pfizer-BioNTech, the University of Oxford and Astra-Zeneca and Moderna. These vaccins are similar in some ways but there are many differences between them. Here is a video from BBC health correspondent Laura Foster that looks at how much immunity they give, how … Continue Reading

A “life hack” for working from home

A “life hack” is any trick, shortcut, skill, technique or novelty method that allows you to manage your time and daily activities in a more efficient way. Here I have a little life-saving hack for you, which is even more important now with more and more people working from home: Get into a routine of … Continue Reading

Is this the best way to cook rice?

Rice is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world’s population, especially in Asia and Africa. It is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production, after sugarcane and maize (corn). It is therefore to be expected that there are many different ways of cooking rice. Here’s one way of … Continue Reading


In one of his comments, Philipp wrote: P H You sum up the British position perfectly. Economic and cultural integration is wonderful but, do we want to become part of a federal Europe? Well, the answer is clearly no from the UK. I am yet to be convinced that much of the rest of Europe … Continue Reading