Locker Room Banter!

trump-shackles-election-usa-twitterThose who are following the election campaigns and presidential debates know that it’s getting to unbelievably grotesque levels, unprecedented in the history of the US.

When in 1992 George Bush looked at his watch to check the time in the debate against Clinton; every expert knew that that was it for the man. It showed that he was bored, not connected with the problems and questions and didn’t care about the debate. So if such a small mistake could play such an important role in a candidate’s political future, the question is WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ELECTION ABOUT!!!

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Farid A
Active Learner
7 years ago

It is interesting that we have the same expression, “spinning in his grave”, in Farsi too.
And in my opinion CNN is pro Democrats.

Reply to  Farid A
7 years ago

I think the more exact Persian expressions is “trembling in his grave”.

Blandine L
Reply to  Farid A
7 years ago

The same expression in French too.

And French people would have commented that the debate is really “under the belt!” We are very far from politics!

Reply to  Blandine L
7 years ago

What do you mean, Blandine, by “we are very far from politics” ?

Philip H
Active Learner
7 years ago

At various times I played Cricket, Football, Rugby and Hockey from the 60’s through to the early 2000’s and was in thousands of ‘locker rooms’ during that period. I NEVER spoke about women in the way that Trump has. I NEVER heard others speak of them in that way either. Touching women without permission in the way he suggested is, quite simply a criminal offence for which he could and should be arrested. In the UK we are still going through in depth criminal investigations of sexual offences, many decades old, by high profile celebrities. Many are now serving long… Read more »

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