Politics In the US

As we get closer to the election day, the polls are showing even a bigger gap between the GOP nominee and the democratic party nominee. Four years ago the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, lost to Barak Obama in swing states where he had an advantage over Obama.

So you can imagine why Trump has been backtracking and flip-flopping on his policies recently. It’s all about mathematics; with little favorability among Latinos, African Americans, and white educated graduates, he knows he has no chance in the elections.

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Philippe G
Active Learner
7 years ago

Maybe he has lost this political touch with reality that made him so popular in the beginning or he hopes that Clinton shall have to speak with the blind eye of Justice.

Blandine L
Active Learner
7 years ago

No comment to add except that I agree with your last paragraph. And that’s why this election campaign will look more and more like a show, or if not, it will give us the desire to follow it.

Reza, how do you manage to write in English as well as Pejman?! (So many green highlights! And none in pink!)

Reply to  Blandine L
7 years ago

Reza is being kind. What he is really trying to say is that I had the pleasure of having him as my student, a very talented and motivated student of course, long ago… so long ago in fact that I don’t remember when! ;-)

Blandine L
Reply to 
7 years ago

So everything has an explanation…
Both of you speak well English but both of you seem to have serious troubles of memory! ;-)

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