Populism and Donald Trump!

Well, if it isn’t populism dawning on us! I really wanted to write about this matter since it has been the major issue in US politics for the past year or so. Nobody could ever see in their wildest dreams that someone like Donald Trump who has lived a luxury life and has always been rolling in money could carry the flag of populism in the biggest economy of the world, period.

It’s abstract, surreal, and somehow meaningless. It’s a jaw dropper that makes democrats think why the ordinary people hate them so much, what they did wrong and when it all started…

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Farid A
Active Learner
6 years ago

Jaw dropper, mind blowing, brain rewiring… these are the words that I can find.

In my opinion people get tired of their situation, and think they have no future if things go routinely as it is, they go toward these kind of people who please them by their lies. People who vote for them think it would be great if what they promise happen, if not, at least the current situation who is in favor of others may change.

Reply to  Farid A
6 years ago

The noun jaw-dropper and the adjective mind-blowing are good choices. There’s also an expression with the word ‘dream’.

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