Question about the relationship between tenses

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Would you please explain about how we should deal with the problem of the correct usage of tenses in relation together, or a grammer text that we can refer to when we get caught in making sentences in which we need to use several verbs with time relations?

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7 years ago

Short answer: No, Farid, I can’t “explain” it in a short text, or even a rather long one. Sorry, no magic bullets! :-( More detailed answer: The use of multiple tenses in a sentence is a broad and rather complex topic that is not easy to cover in a single text. I can’t really think of any “text” to refer you to except standard grammar books. A good choice would be the “English Grammar in Use” series by Cambridge. But then, that would only cover the understanding part, not the being-able-to-use part. Now if you tell me that understanding something… Read more »

Hassan S
Reply to  Farid A
7 years ago

Dear Farid,
I think it is not a bad idea to write a paragraph and then analyse its mistakes with Pezhman’s help in order to find the root of the problem. It might be much easier to learn them too.

Reply to  Farid A
7 years ago

See this post about the difference between “maybe” and “may be”.

Reply to  Farid A
7 years ago

You have two choices here.

If a Farsi professor corrects it, he/she will find too many mistakes in it.

If a Farsi professor corrected it, he/she would find too many mistakes in it.

As I think it is rather unlikely that it happens, I prefer the second sentence.

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