Suez Canal, George Floyd trial, and AstraZeneca Vaccine

Here are some interesting reads (and videos to watch) from around the world:

It’s free at last

The stranded container ship blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week has finally been freed from the shoreline…

More on the BBC.

Begging for his life

The teenager whose film of George Floyd’s death sparked global protests said she “stays up apologising” to him for “not doing more”. Darnella, now 18, was one of four young witnesses to take the stand on the second day of Derek Chauvin’s trial. She told the court of seeing Mr Floyd “begging for his life”…

More on the BBC.

Germany to bar AstraZeneca Vaccine for those under 60 starting Wednesday

Germany’s vaccine agency has reported a rare brain blood clot in 31 people who had been given the Astra shot, nine of whom died. With the exception of two people, all of the cases were women between the ages of 20 and 63. Around 2.7 million people in Germany have so far received the Astra shot…

More on the Bloomberg…

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