The most delicious food I’ve ever had…

It’s very difficult to choose one because I tasted so many delicious foods that I’ll never forget…

Do you remember this delicious dish I posted a year ago with spring vegetables of the garden (carrots, onions, green peas (or gourmet peas), turnips) and tender lamb, without forgetting the delicious sauce?

It was called “Easter Recipe” but you can enjoy it all the year! :-)

A few months ago, I tasted a little very delicious dessert…
A square dark chocolate (99%) and a raspberry placed on it. What a delight!!

I tried also a surprising variant… I added a bit of ginger in the raspberry! Would you like to try like me ?

Thanks to the person who made me discover it because since the day, I think it’s the most delicious food I’ve ever had and I’ll never forget…

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