The race of hell

A few days ago, I decided to run the famous race of Maroilles, the 20 kilometers of Maroilles! I wasn’t very trained. Even if I run regularly, I haven’t run a lot of time in April, but instead of staying at home, I decided at 12.00 to go and discover this famous run. The weather was grey, a little bit cold but not too much, perfect for running. Let’s go! When I arrived over there, it was crowdy of runners! Almost 4.000 runners!

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Farid A
Reply to  Blandine L
7 years ago

Although this new policy make us work harder to correct our own writings, I agree with Blandine sometimes this job become more difficult.

Farid A
Reply to  Farid A
7 years ago


7 years ago

Here is how you can improve the text: But as soon as, we began to run I immediately understood … This contains punctuation problems and redundancy: But as soon as we began to run, I realised… I ran on the trainers of my neighbours. “I ran on the trainers” doesn’t mean anything, and what do you mean by “neighbours”? The runners around you? Just ahead of you? My 4th right toe began to hurt myself … began to hurt. in order to remove the pain in order to (distract myself and) forget the pain in order not to feel the… Read more »

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