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7 years ago

As a non-European, I probably have no direct stake in the matter, but you are welcome to my two pence worth. I remain undecided on Brexit. I like the idea of Europe as an economic block that would give European countries a competitive edge in today’s cut-throat global economy. I also like the idea of a united effort towards ensuring workers’ rights, minority rights, a decent minimum pay, environmental protection, and so on. . However, the picture starts to look less rosy when you see the initial idea a European Union soon growing into something more, and then much more,… Read more »

Philip H
Reply to 
7 years ago

P H You sum up the British position perfectly. Economic and cultural integration is wonderful but, do we want to become part of a federal Europe? Well, the answer is clearly no from the UK. I am yet to be convinced that much of the rest of Europe wants it either, even though I voted firmly remain. Incidentally, J Marc and Florine, I wonder, do we really know the statistics of which age group voted for leave or remain even though they are being widely published? Our electoral system, as yours no doubt, is entirely secret. It may be correct… Read more »

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