World’s oldest art gallery: Cave of Niaux

A few days ago I visited a world’s oldest art gallery: Cave of Niaux in Ariège (18500-10500 bc).

It is a huge place, which has remained almost as in the Magdalenian period. Just some small paths were made for visitors.

There are only 20 visitors per tour. We walk with a torch, in darkness, and it is very impressive. After 900 meters, discovering geometrical signs on the walls, we arrive in a great cave very high where bisons, mammoths and horses have been drawn on the walls. No colours, it is only made with charcoal and manganese with a great precision. We known at the present time that some paintings were made with about 3 thousand years of distance.

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Damien M
4 years ago

This article really makes you want to visit: Cave of Niaux in Ariège, of course after confinement.

It was incredible to say that at the time, he knew how to do incredible things, the drawing, he had put a system of rank in his people. The beginning of a monarchy. It’s just the incredible development that took place at the time.

What makes me sad is he knew how to draw better than me today when he did not have a pencil, felt in it.

Brieuc L
4 years ago

I didn’t know that cave, I knew the best known, the Lascaux Caves.
For me they are places full of history where man began to awaken to different arts such as music or painting.

For the mistakes I suggest the following:

-a great precision
-great precision

-was used to be
-used to be

– to listen
-for listening to / to listen to

-people has never lived in it
-people never lived there

-this paintings
-these paintings

-so famous that
-as famous as / so famous as

Would love to hear your thoughts...x