A self-taught artist

A few months ago I came across a painting that I liked very much. In fact, it has been my mobile phone’s wallpaper since then. It’s by Karla Gerard, an abstract and folk self-taught artist who lives in Waterville, Maine. Karla… Continue Reading →

Is this nature’s greatest artist?

Here is a video which is worth watching several times and musing over. (Thanks to Hassan for recommending it.) It starts beautifully: “Attracting attention is an essential part of winning a mate. The world’s oceans are filled with brilliant colours,… Continue Reading →

World’s oldest art gallery: Cave of Niaux

A few days ago I visited a world’s oldest art gallery: Cave of Niaux in Ariège (18500-10500 bc). It is a huge place, which has remained almost as in the Magdalenian period. Just some small paths were made for visitors…. Continue Reading →

IKB International (Yves Klein Blue)

There is a poster in front of me, just above my computer. It reminds me the blue of a beautiful summer sky, obviously not in the North of France. It reminds me also this strange and beautiful sensation when I… Continue Reading →

Modern parallels to “Liberty Leading the People”

We live at a time when the idea of democracy and people’s liberty is every day destroyed by laws made by the powerfuls who govern us. And I see a very good parallel in this XIXth century painting with our… Continue Reading →

MoMa protests Trump entry ban

I heard this morning on the radio about a special exhibition in MoMa and I found this: In one of the strongest protests yet by a major cultural institution […] the Museum of Modern Art has rehung part of its… Continue Reading →

Fossil Free Louvre

The Louvre Museum is a vital institution — it’s world-famous for its role in helping us to better understand the span of human history and civilisation. By accepting corporate donations from fossil fuel companies like Total, the Louvre Museum not… Continue Reading →

The man without a mask, the man with a hundred masks

Francis Debeyre is an artist who lives in Lille. He started making masks in his garden 35 years ago. He has been working for all kinds of stages: theatre, circus, dance, any other kind of performance. This Sunday was the… Continue Reading →

Modigliani vs Islamic veil

As I was surfing on Facebook, I found this amazing image. A Modigliani nude painting in the background, and in front of it, three women wearing the islamic veil. As both of these subjects were recently on the website, I… Continue Reading →

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